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In order to be placed on a bidder list, you must be registered with the City. Please follow the below instructions to be placed on a bidder list:

  • Click here to print the vendor application.  Completed vendor applications & W-9's should be returned to Gigi Pizarro in person or by mail to 38020 Meridian Ave, Dade City, FL 33525 or to your contact person.
  • Click here to print the contractor registration/requirements form.  Completed forms should be returned to Sarah Perez by email , in person or by mail to 38020 Meridian Ave, Dade City, FL 33525


Active bids/RFPs/RFQs are listed below

2101CM Municipal Insurance RFP (Bids Due July 8, 2021)
Addendum #1 - Question and Answer
Municipal Insurance Services Proposal Documents
Attachment 1
Attachment 2 Reacted
Attachment 3
Attachment 4 Reacted

1918ST Howard Ave Stormwater Improvements (Bids Due July 8, 2021)
Howard Ave Stormwater Addendum 1 - Questions and Answers 
Bid Documents
Attachment 1
Attachment 2
Attachment 3
Attachment 4

1906RD 10th Street Sidewalk (Bids Due June 24, 2021)
10th Street Sidewalk - Addendum 1 - Questions & Answers
10th Street Sidewalk - Addendum 2 - Clarification 
Pre-Bid Sign-in Sheet
10th Street Sidewalk - Addendum 3 - Questions & Answers



The City will be partnering with GovDeals for the posting and auction of surplus materials.  Individuals interested in participating in one of our listed auctions will need to register.  For more information on the registration and bidding process please visit the GovDeals website.
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The Document Center provides easy access to public documents. Click on one of the categories below to see related documents or use the search function.

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Previous Bids47 documents

1915ST Dade Oaks Flood Detention Facility - Administrative Services3 documents

  • Specifications
  • Addendum No. 1
  • Bid Summary

RFP-2003PK-0-2020/BH - Cemetery Landscape Management2 documents

  • Specifications and Contract Documents
  • Bid Summary

RFP-1704WD-0-2020/BH - Tank Hill Water Facility Improvements15 documents

  • Specifications and Contract Documents
  • Construction Plans
  • Addendum No. 1
  • Addendum No. 2
    Temporarily suspends bidding activities (pre-bid meeting, last day for questions, bid due date) until after Executive Order has been lifted. Please check for updates with next Addendum.
  • Addendum No. 3
    Updated Schedule.
  • Addendum No. 4
    Site Visit Information
  • Addendum No. 5
    Modified Bid Schedule
  • Addendum No. 6 - Question and Answers
  • Attachment 6-1
  • Attachment 6-2
  • Attachment 6-3
  • Attachment 6-4
  • Addendum No. 7 - Questions and Answers
  • Addendum No. 8
  • Bid Tabulation (under review)

RFP - Mickens Field Concession and Public Restrooms6 documents

  • Specification and RFP Document
  • Mickens Field Concession and Public Restrooms Drawings
  • Addendum 1 - Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting Notice
  • Addendum 2 - Mandatory Pre-BId Meeting Agenda
  • Addendum 3 - Pre-Bid Meeting Questions and Answers
  • Addendum 4 - Bid Tabulation

RFP-Design Build Services - Visitors Information Center Building21 documents

  • Specifications and Documents
  • Special Magistrate RFQ Respondent List
  • RFQ to Provide Special Magistrate Services for Code Enforcement
  • Appendix A Non-Collusion Affidavit
  • Appendix B Public Entity Crimes
  • RFQ Questions
  • RFP for Retail Market Analysis & Development Plan
  • RFP for Downtown Stormwater Improvements
  • Pre-bid Sign-In Sheet
  • Addendum #1
  • Construction Plans
  • Addendum #2
  • Addendum #3
  • Addendum #4
  • Hardy Trail Extension (LAP project) - Invitation to Bid
  • Dade City Hardy Trail Signed & Sealed Plans
  • Pre-bid Sign-In Sheet
  • Addendum No. 1
  • Addendum No. 2
  • AutoCAD file
  • Addendum No. 3