Dade City, FL

Boil Water Notice Issued on  May 30th, 2023 for residents on 12th Street and 13th Street between Coleman Avenue and Florida Avenue.

Comprehensive Plan

Per Chapter 163 of Florida Statutes, local governments are required to create, adopt and maintain a Comprehensive Plan. Dade City's Comprehensive Plan identifies the principles, guidelines, standards, and strategies for the orderly and balanced future economic, social, physical, environmental, and fiscal development of the area and reflects the City's vision and community commitments which implement the plan.

These principles and strategies guide future decisions in a consistent manner and contain programs and activities to ensure the Comprehensive Plan is implemented. The sections of the Comprehensive Plan are structured as Goals, Objectives, and Policies and describe how Dade City's programs, activities, and land development regulations are implemented.  To view the City's Comprehensive Plan, please click here

Amending the Plan

Amendments to Comprehensive Plan are proposed by property owners or local governments to change the designation from those listed within the Comprehensive Plan to another one listed in the Comprehensive Plan. There are two types of map amendments, small scale and large scale. Amendments can also include text amendments. Small Scale amendments are for properties 10 acres or less and Large Scale amendments are for text amendments and properties that are larger than 10 acres. Each requires a review by the Planning Board and the City Commissioners through a public hearing process. Only Large Scale amendments are also reviewed by state and regional agencies. Please see the links (at the bottom of this webpage) to the Florida Division of Community Development for more on these types of amendments.

If you are interested in amending your future land use or zoning, please click here for the application materials required. 


If you are a property owner currently in the County and wish to annex into the City, there are a few steps you must complete. Please contact our planning staff at 352-523-5050 to set up a pre-application meeting to discuss what is needed from you. The City and the County have a couple of interlocal agreements regarding utility services and annexations. As part of a joint effort and to reduce duplications of services and to enable the City to plan for the expansion of water and sewer needs for the future of the City, we have both a joint planning area and a utility service area boundary that have been agreed upon with the County. Below are the links to the maps that are part of the interlocal agreements: